Machine Made Moods

by Identical Homes

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Identical Homes (aka Daniel McKenzie) crafts his warm and glowing new album Machine Made Moods from the ethers of time, and time likely spent trout fishing and river walking in the greater wilds of Northern California's Humboldt County. Envision the dusty sounds of Boards of Canada and catchiness of Pinback mixed with samples from Apocalypse Now, Stephen Hawking and a half working CB radio from a decaying Rum Diary tour van and you'll have pretty good idea of where Identical Homes is coming from. In Machine Made Moods you will find a soundtrack for daydreaming.


released September 25, 2009

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Daniel Mckenzie.
All instruments and voice by Daniel except on a few songs that feature Matt Mckenzie, Marlaina Pinheiro, Jake Krohn, Jon Fee and Cory Gray.




Identical Homes Oakland, California

Identical Homes is the electronic/post rock child of Daniel McKenzie from the critically acclaimed band, The Rum Diary, as well as Shuteye Unison and Built for the Sea.

On stage, Daniel is joined by Jake Krohn (Shuteye Unison, The Action Design) and Schuyler Feekes (The Rum Diary).
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Track Name: Worn
Eyes follow you always, hiding from the brilliant sun
Shades and drawn and looked under, the satellites won't sleep tonight
I am frayed, you are tattered, we're all a little worn
Blink once and you're on top of the ground, blink twice and you're already buried
We're old like the rings on saturn
Learn from the mistakes you make, so you can repeat them precisely
Track Name: Bones and Marrow
Last night the Devil came to me, and he tried to take away my dreams
It's conceivable that he, actually, was a hallucination
Pillows are more like trains, eyelids drop and the engine is firing
And cars and harboring everyone like starlings in a wing
He said "It's useless to resist me, cause you're all bones and marrow"
Track Name: Carl's Lament
If ever stuck in a winter hail, I swear to meet you there
Or site alone by a fireplace, my time is lost in these words
Now I'm healed, I've got you, and I won't go, no I won't go
Track Name: St. Matthew
Track Name: Silos
If I was the son of chemistry, just another white coat second string
So soon to be your majesty
Beaker beaker, find for me, the symmetric one
A laboratory head to feed the cancer and the lung disease
And every other enemy
Then multiply like dragon flies
Track Name: New Year's Eve
When the sun explodes, you see the end from your window
Your full moon eyes are glowing still and never die
An empty room has found you, I will hold you tight
We're resting above this cavalier and static life
Like New Year's Eve, we dressed up just to stay inside
Track Name: Small Attack
The wave that we're constantly on, the cycle will suddenly end
The hands stop their count on the wall
Come the skeletons that we undoubtably are
And to those who remain where they are
Drink the weather and drown in the yard
If you want to stay here, then stay
Hey rain, come and wash the city away
Track Name: 12 Hours of Darkness
Track Name: Long Division (Fugazi cover)
Original music and lyrics by Fugazi. Used with permission.
Track Name: L.V.S.
Four square, I once knew what it took to charm you
Sleepless over if I should trust you
Now, after all, I just can't make sense of your heart